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You might not think of your voice as an instrument, but any musician will tell you otherwise. Like any other instrument, you need to learn how to use it properly to get the most out of it. While anyone can sing, voice lessons help singers develop good habits to protect their voice. Our voice lessons teach you to sing the songs you love with proper technique, from rock to pop to broadway.

Piano Practice


No need to travel, we come to you. Our in home voice lessons allow you to learn all you need to know to use your voice properly, in the place you feel most comfortable (except maybe not in the shower). Plus, enjoy the freedom to book lesson times that fit into your tightly packed schedule.


One thing we can say for certain is that no two voices are alike. Our Private voice lessons give you and your teacher the opportunity to focus on you and your voice. Private voice lessons give you total control over your experience. They’re tailormade to ensure you learn exactly what you want and how you want, at your pace. Learn everything from proper warmup and cool down exercises, breathing techniques, vowel pronunciation, variations on enunciation based on genre, vibrato control and much more!

Girl Using Laptop
Girl Pointing Up


Does your kid sing ALL. THE. TIME? We get it! Our toddler son sings all the time too!  Everything from Nirvana and Grateful Dead to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!  Our Voice lessons for kids are made for kids who love to sing and want to learn how to use their voice. Our voice lessons teach kids how to warm up their voices and use their body, posture and breath the right way, so they can keep on singing for years to come.


When you were in school you knew who the kids who could sing were (even if you weren’t one of them). Now you work at a corporation and you wish you could finally have the courage to sing, but you’re probably thinking that you don’t have the time, or that it’s too late.  If you’re still breathing, it’s not too late!  Our voice lessons for adults are made just for you. We get that you have a busy schedule and other responsibilities. We guarantee your voice lessons will be the highlight of your week.

Solo Singer
Singing with Headphones


Singing into your phone. Aren’t we all pros at that by now? But seriously, our virtual voice lessons give you the opportunity to learn with our incredibly talented instructors, no matter where you or they are located. To make it even better, we give you a free Musico account so you can easily connect with your teacher, record your lessons and progress all in one place.

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