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When we were kids, piano lessons were so BORING. You sat at a piano with a book in front of you and learned random songs with names like “Johnny rows his boat down the river”—one after another—until you moved on to the next book. Or, you spent months working on one single classical piece, only to finish and immediately begin the next classical piece.  But did your teacher ever ask you WHY you wanted to play in the first place?  Did they ever ask you WHAT songs YOU wanted to learn? Piano lessons aren’t just about learning skills, we believe it’s about learning to love music and the instrument. No matter how old you are, we make sure you’re playing the songs you like because you can learn the instrument that way AND still learn all of the important fundamentals like technique, reading, and even things that are often left out of a typical piano curriculum like practical music theory, building chords and scales, blues and jazz improvisation, composition and songwriting. 

Piano Lesson


Sometimes the hardest thing is getting there. Our premiere in-home piano lessons are convenient and make it easy for you. No one told you before you had kids that you would be spending hours every week as their personal chauffeur.  Well, take the night off and let US come to you!


Don’t have a piano? No worries. We’ll help you get set up with everything you need to be successful. We’ll help you choose the right setup for your budget and may be able to save you a few bucks along that way through some of our partnerships with music retailers.


We believe that private one on one instruction yields the best results. Our teachers will work with you and/or your child to build a custom tailored curriculum that will inspire them to play and hopefully continue to play for years to come! Is your child exactly the same as every other child? Of course not! Each student is unique, and has their own level of natural ability, their own way of learning, understanding and processing information, and their own unique motivation and interests. So why would you hire a teacher that teaches every student using the exact same methods and materials?? Our private piano lessons ensure that your child will have the best chance at succeeding with their piano lessons.

Playing Piano
Young Boy Playing the Piano


Beginner piano lessons have never been this fun! Want to learn an instrument, but not sure how to get started? You don’t need to worry. Whether you’re 4 or 84, piano is a great place to start! Our Piano lessons for beginners are focused on making sure you are learning skills you need to start playing right away… and we make sure you’re having fun doing it.


Want to take your chops to the next level? Our advanced piano lessons focus on improving your skill level, technique, music theory, and improvisation. Our teachers will evaluate your playing, find your gaps, and fill them in so you can grow into the player you want to be. Our advanced piano lessons will help you dive into the more advanced jazz theory and help you apply what you learn the way the pros do.

Piano Lesson
Girl Practicing Piano


One thing this pandemic taught us is that virtual music lessons DO work. This is not just a lesson on FaceTime or Zoom, all of our students, whether they take virtual piano lessons, or in person piano lessons receive a free account with Musico, the leading music education software platform. With Musico, all of the lessons will be stored digitally so you’ll never have to worry about finding that lost music notebook anymore!  Lessons on Musico are also interactive and have tons of features that make virtual piano lessons (and in person piano lessons) fun! 

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