//GUITAR Lessons

You've been thinking about if for a while now, maybe you even tried playing before but never quite got the hang of it. Come find out why guitar is the most popular instrument in the world! We offer exciting and informative lessons with proven results. Our guitar lessons are for students of all ages from young children to adults. So many of our clients begin by calling us and saying "My child has been asking me for months now..."  or "I've been thinking about taking lessons for a while now..."  Why wait?  Pick up the phone and get started by next week!

//PIANO Lessons

Piano is a beautiful and rewarding instrument. Along with guitar, it is one of the most popular instruments in the world. Most songs are composed on guitar and piano giving you a full spectrum of music to choose from while learning the instrument.  You probably already know how to play "Heart and Soul" or "Chopsticks" on piano but there's so much more than that!  Start piano lessons with one of our top piano teachers today!

//VOICE Lessons
//DRUM Lessons

Are you the cool mom and dad who let your kids have a drum set? Love the sound of 16th note parradiddles while you're relaxing after a hard day's work? Well, we thank you for providing the world (and our students) with a good beat. The drummer has one of the most important roles in the band - keeping the beat and driving the song.  Don't let just anyone teach you how to play.  Our drum teachers have played with some of the top artists today including several Grammy winning and Grammy nominated artists.  Our Drum lessons take our students from the first time hitting a drum to a starring role in our advanced performance programs and beyond.  Give us a call today and your first pair of ear plugs is on us!

A singer can make or break a band. Voice is one of the most misunderstood instruments. Proper voice technique involves everything from the technical side (breathing, tongue placement, etc) to the conceptual side. Improper voice technique can result in less than stellar results, or worse yet, temporary or permanent damage to your vocal chords (ask any E.N.T. doctor). Our voice teachers have decades of combined vocal experience and are themselves professional singers.  Make sure you bring out the best that your voice has to offer while making sure to take care of your voice for years to come. We provide Voice Lessons to aspiring singers as well as established performers. Got stage fright?  Scared of singing in front of other people? Not a problem, let us help you get out there like Ferris Buller singing "Twist and Shout"!


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We provide Music Lessons to students in Englewood, Tenafly, Alpine, Closter, Demarest, Cresskill, Englewood Cliffs, Fort Lee, Edgewater, Teaneck, Bergenfield, New Milford, and more Bergen County locations.

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