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Drummers are the backbone of every great band, but the journey begins with great drum lessons. It takes a certain personality to play the drums.  There’s a swagger with knowing that you control the rhythm, feel and tempo of the songs.  You have to have the right mix of soft dynamics mixed with power depending on the music.  Most of all, you need to have VERY understanding parents to allow a drum set into their home considering that the average drum kit oscillates between 90-130 decibels (for comparison, the average rock concert ranges between 90-120 decibels)!



While the dream might begin with a 12” Evans practice pad and a pair of Vic Firth 5a sticks, our goal is to get you rocking out on the full kit as soon as possible!  Our in-home drum lessons will get your fundamentals in tip top shape and make sure that you have a great time learning!


Learning to play the drums isn’t always easy. But our private drum lessons are always fun! We make sure that our students learn the proper form and technique while learning to play the music they love. We use a combination of reading and learning songs and classic drum beats to enhance the experience of our students.  There are many ways to learn the drums properly and our private drum lessons help customize the experience so your child gets exactly what they need!

Music Class


Our drum lessons for beginners are perfect for someone who’s never sat at a drum kit or maybe just not that often. Either way, we help set goals and expectations of what to expect from beginner drum lessons. We make sure our students have the most fun experience week in and week out.  The beginning stages of all instruments require a fun and motivating instructor and our beginner drum teachers are just what you’ve been looking for!


Does your child keep asking about drum lessons? Are you finally ready to consider being the “cool” parent who’s accepted their fate? We help your kid navigate the intricacies of playing the drums and help them build on their lessons week after week. And don’t worry your investment will pay off… band practice will always be at your house! Because who doesn’t want to come home from work hungry and tired and then listen to polyrhythmic paradiddles and paradiddle diddles?

Young Drummer
Electronic Drum Set


While our in person drum lessons team are all vaccinated, we understand that not everyone is comfortable having in person lessons.  Or perhaps it’s more convenient to have the flexibility that virtual lessons offer.  Moreover, perhaps you live out of state and want to study with our top tier drum teachers.  Whatever the reason, our virtual drum lessons are top of the line and guaranteed to help you reach your goals and have a great time doing it!

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