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Refer your friends and win free lessons!

MArch madness referral contest

1st Place

You win 3 free hours of music lessons + cool BHM swag

2nd Place

You win 2 free hours of music lessons + cool BHM swag

3rd Place

You win 1 free hour of music lessons + cool BHM swag

Things to Know :)

Referral Rules
  • You may have your referrals call us or email us and mention your name instead of, or in addition to, filling out this form.

  • All winners must refer at least 5 new students. Winners will be determined by the total number of hours referred. 

  • Past referrals (from 1/1/16 and on) may be counted. Please contact BHM to claim your past referrals

  • The winners' free lessons will be credited to their account only after your referrals have completed 9 lessons.

  • Free lessons may be claimed by any family member.

Contact Us with Any Questions.

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