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  • How can I cancel a lesson?
    Cancellations have to be done through our student portal, Opus1 Please note: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to qualify for a make-up lesson credit Informing your instructor or emailing admin is not considered a valid form of cancellation. Lessons not canceled through the student portal will be considered late-cancellations.
  • How can I reschedule a lesson?
    To reschedule a lesson, you first need to cancel the original lesson through our student portal. This will issue a make-up lesson credit, which you can then use to book a lesson at a different time that you can arrange with your instructor.
  • My child is sick and I need to cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours' notice. I'm concerned about a late cancellation charge. Is this fair?
    Firstly, we hope your child feels better soon – we know how tough it can be when little ones are unwell. We truly wish we could offer more flexibility in these situations. Unfortunately, our late cancellation policy needs to be consistent, no matter the circumstance. This isn't because we're sticklers for rules, but because we value and respect the time and effort our wonderful teachers put into preparing for each lesson. They reserve this time especially for your child, and with less than 24 hours' notice, it's really hard for them to fill that slot with another student. Hence, in these rare occasions, they have to be compensated, and we have to mark the lesson as a late cancellation to be able to pay them. We totally get that this might feel a bit rigid, especially in a pinch. But this policy helps us keep our team of amazing teachers happy and fairly compensated. In the long run, this approach ensures that we can keep providing top-notch lessons that you've come to know and love, with the best educators around. It’s all about balancing immediate challenges with our commitment to quality. We really appreciate your understanding!
  • What if I can't log in to Opus?
    If you're having trouble logging into Opus, please contact for assistance
  • What if I'm not going to be around for a lesson and don't want a make-up?
    If you're not going to be available for a lesson and don't want a make-up, you can use a holiday exemption. Every student has 4 holiday exemptions per school year. To use one of your exemptions, please cancel the lesson as normal through the student portal first, and then email to request these exemptions.
  • What are holiday exemptions?
    Holiday exemptions are a feature of our policy that allows you to miss a lesson due to a Federal or Religious holiday without a need for a makeup. The lesson is discounted from your next invoice, instead. You can request up to 4 holiday exemptions per school year. To use one of your exemptions, please cancel the lesson as normal through the student portal first, and then email to request these exemptions.
  • What happens when a teacher cancels a lesson?
    We do our best to avoid cancellations by our instructors, but sometimes, unexpected gigs or rehearsals come up. Our teachers are active musicians, and their real-world experience in playing and recording music greatly enriches our students' learning journey. However, we recognize that such cancellations can be inconvenient. When a teacher cancels a lesson, we issue non-expiring makeup credits. These credits offer flexibility – you can use them anytime, even for an extra lesson in the summer when there might be more free time. Additionally, depending on your individual needs and preferences, we can also extend future lessons as a way to make up for the lost lesson time. Rest assured, we'll only suggest extending a lesson if it genuinely benefits the student. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth and enriching learning experience, despite these occasional hiccups!
  • I’m not going to be around during the summer. Can I pause my subscription?
    To place your account on a "Summer hold", please submit a written request via email to with 14-days notice before the 1st of the next month. Please note that any break in membership outside of the allowed “Summer Hold” period will require a $50 re-enrollment fee if lessons are resumed at a later date.
  • What is the allowed period for a summer hold?
    You can put your membership on a "Summer Hold" for any length of time starting the 3rd week of June until Labor Day. During this period, your spot with your primary teacher will be reserved for the following September, and your membership will resume at that time. Please write to to place a summer hold on your membership.
  • My account is on summer hold. Can I still get a lesson?
    Individual lessons can still be purchased or booked using makeup credits during the "Summer Hold" period, even if your Membership is on hold. You can reach out to your regular teacher directly to arrange an ad-hoc lesson. Please note that teacher availability is not guaranteed while an account is on hold.
  • What if I don't want to use autopay?
    Lessons are paid in advance and autopay is part of our policy. It helps us maintain a fair environment for everyone involved. All we ask from students is that if you need to cancel, please let us know more than 24 hours in advance using our student portal. Our teachers are on the road, driving and commuting between lessons. If you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice, your teacher will likely end up sitting in their car at your assigned lesson time until his next appointment. One of the reasons we have a great team of instructors is that we do everything in our power to keep them busy and productive, and our policy is aligned with that: If there is a late cancellation, instructors are paid as if the lesson had happened. Additionally, as a small business operating with thin margins (the majority of the lesson fee goes to the teacher), we lack the manpower to bill lessons individually. We have an automated system that handles billing, and given the volume of students and teachers, it's simply impossible to bill manually on a weekly basis. In this way, we ensure a respectful and professional environment that benefits both our students and our teachers, while also maintaining a sustainable business model.
  • How many lessons have I paid for?
    The number of lessons you've paid for is automatically calculated based on the day of your weekly time slot. You can check the number of scheduled lessons for the current month and your available make-up credits by logging into your account on our student portal.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    To cancel your subscription, please submit a written request via email to with 14-days notice before the 1st of the next month. Please note: If you don't submit a written request with enough advance notice, you may be charged again Memberships are non-refundable. They can be transferred to a student within the same household.
  • I want a refund, what should I do?
    Please note that memberships are non-refundable as per our student policy. However, they can be transferred to another student within the same household.
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